Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog. I have loved cooking and baking for as long as I can remember. Putting the most enticing and delicious food on the table seems to me the best thing one can do for one’s family and friends. To me, really good food is like a symphony. You enjoy it for a brief period of time, and then it’s gone, remaining only in your memories.

So that is where this blog will go, exploring great food, but prepared simply and easily.

However, it’s also about life in general, mainly revolving around the kitchen. In addition to many, many recipes, I will also be journaling my upcoming kitchen remodel. I have a very sad kitchen with only one 12 foot wall of cabinetry and counter space, which includes the sink and dishwasher in that span. I have a small prep table and two wire shelf units to help make it a little bit functional.

There will also be posts of my backyard gardening attempts. I say attempts, because at my current home in Albuquerque, the previous owner seemed to hate all plant life, and used herbicides constantly. We’ve been here two years now, and only this spring have weeds come up in the back yard. The last two years’ gardens were very sad and produced very little.

So again, thank you and welcome. I hope you save the page and come back frequently. I hope to have weekly posts, at the least.